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Simone Elkeles Wild Cards poster
Simone Elkeles Wild Cards


Wild Cards by Simone Elkeles Characters Derek

Derek Fitzpatrick

Significant other: None. He doesn’t go out with girls who expect a lasting relationship – only fun.

What makes him unique: Derek doesn’t play by the rules . . . but he’d rather die than hurt the people he loves.

His dream: Get back to Cali as soon as possible.

His enemies: Derek doesn’t put energy into having enemies, because that would mean he’d care.

Quote: “I‘ve lived so many places I don‘t fit into any mold.”

Twitter: @DerektheFitz



Wild Cards by Simone Elkeles Ashtyn

Ashtyn Parker

Significant other: Landon McKnight (for now, anyway . . .)

What makes her unique: She’s holding her own as the only girl on a football team full of guys.

Her dream: to get a Division I scholarship and prove to her old man that she’s worth something.

Her enemies: The jerks on the Fairfield High team. And her sister’s stepson, Derek, is kind of a pain in her butt . . .

Quote: “I’m strong, tough, and nobody is going to get the best of me.”

Twitter: @kickerashtyn



Wild Cards by Simone Elkeles Victor

Victor Salazar

Significant other: None

What makes him unique: Vic is a daredevil who doesn’t give a crap if he lives or dies.

His dream: Get more sacks than any football player in the country, not just the state.

His enemies: Anyone who picks on or hurts his teammates. He doesn’t hate his dad, but he’s pretty sick of living under his thumb.

Quote: “I’ve got your back.”

Twitter: @The_Rebel_Vic



Wild Cards by Simone Elkeles Bree

Bree Turner

Significant other: None, but she wouldn’t mind getting to know that new guy Derek a little better. 

What makes her unique: She’s the biggest flirt at Fremont High.

Her dream: To become a great actress, so if you know of a director or casting agent give him my info!

Her enemies: Anyone boring or not fun.

Quote: “R cute guys there? Txt me pics!”

Twitter: @HotNBreezy



Wild Cards by Simone Elkeles Trey

Trey Matthews

Significant other: Monika Fox

What makes him unique: He’s a total romantic who loves his girlfriend more than anything else, and isn’t afraid to show it.

His dream: Get a scholarship to Northwestern University so he can go to the same college as his girlfriend, be an NFL running back, and marry his high school sweetheart Monika.

His enemies: Anyone who hurts Monika or his friends/teammates.

Twitter: @Trey_is_Taken



Wild Cards by Simone Elkeles Jet

Jake Evan Thacker AKA Jet

Significant other: He’s allergic to the words “significant other.” If you mean “significant” one-night stands, then the list is endless.

What makes him unique: He loves life—and the ladies—more than anyone. 

His dream: To hook up with as many hot girls as possible. 

His enemies: Anyone who talks trash about him . . . even if it’s the star quarterback Landon McKnight.

Quote: “You know you love me.”

Twitter: @JET_the_Rebel



Wild Cards by Simone Elkeles Monika

Monika Fox

Significant other: Trey

What makes her unique:
She wants to know everyone else’s secrets . . . but she’s got a big one of her own.

Her dream: Go to Northwestern University like her parents, marry her boyfriend Trey Matthews, and work for the FBI someday.

Her enemies:
Anyone who comes between her and Trey.

Quote: “Besides his phone, a boy‘s wallet is a window to his soul.”

Twitter: @MonikaCheers



Wild Cards by Simone Elkeles Landon

Landon McKnight

Significant other: Ashtyn

What makes him unique: He’s the star quarterback who’s perfect in every way . . . or so everyone thinks.

His dream: To play in the NFL.

His enemies: Anyone who stands in his way of that dream, including the person who got voted captain over him . . . aka his girlfriend

Quote: “I gotta do what‘s good for me, not what‘s going to please everyone.”

Twitter: @KickassQB

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